*Can you remember a loved ones important medical details in an emergency?

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The health information web forms provide the same information required to complete standard medical questionnaires used by physicians, schools, employers and government agencies.

Easily Control Personal Health Information and Manage How it is Accessed and by Whom!

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The perfect program for daily use and a must have in emergencies and ordinary routine doctor visits.

Manage, organize and quickly access health details for yourself, loved ones and even large groups of individuals.

Multiple methods allow for easy retrieval of personal health information from your mobile, handheld device, laptop and desktop PC.

Add to a Home Screen Using a Favicon

Click the eWall Poster Webpage Link

Scan each individuals code and add a quick link (favicon) to your home screen.

Use the Webpage Link to create and organize PDF files for individuals.

Ensure Your Loved Ones are Safe and Prepared in any Medical Situation!

Now schools, daycares, babysitters, nannies and anyone caring for children have immediate access to real-time medical information.

Peace of mind while kids are having fun on a camping trip, playing sports, enjoying afterschool activities, etc.

An easy way to learn the value of managing health information at an early age.

Discreet and priceless for children with medical conditions.

ID-ME relieves the anxiety for elders with immediate access to retrieve and update health information anytime.

Take care of your elders and seniors…manage their medications and health information for them.

Less stress knowing they are prepared when spoiling the little ones for a weekend.

Have assurance they communicate their health information effectively when necessary.

Don’t forget your lovable pals. Manage their health information for checkups and medical emergencies. Keep required service, therapy and or travel / boarding documentation in one place with a membership flash drive card.

Exclusive I.D. Medical Emergency 8GB USB Flash Drive Membership card available to all ID-ME Members for only $20.

Your Personalized Card is equipped with a flash drive compatible with all standard A USB ports, Mac and PC. Quickly collect, transport and share files such as Personal Healthcare Records.

Minimize delays in treatment, office visits and network referrals by easily and securely sharing up to date medical records with healthcare providers, medical professionals and all industry related organizations and agencies.

This is a standard issue PVC card with patented features, the same card as your credit/debit, government issued IDs and healthcare cards.

Reserve Your Space on our Health Information Database Today!

The database storing your health information adheres to a strict set of standards and is developed by data security specialists.

All Members have unlimited database access to update health information 24/7/365 with updates taking place in real-time.

The software forms are the same used by major banks, financial and insurance organizations, government departments and large corporations.

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